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alternative ways to get your vegan coupons AKA news!!!

hey folks.  sorry for not posting an explanation of why this blog has laid dormant for 3 years.  it was more of a hassle trying to make this project a blog, so i had started posting all updates over on facebook, (because it was instantaneous, and i was always logged in to FB anyway.  also, the instant feedback was nice.)

but if you don’t have a facebook account, you can still subscribe to the posts in a multitude of ways.  i made a feedburner account, so if you subscribe through there, you’ll always get the posts, no matter where this project is hosted.  eventually, i will create, but my live-in computer geek is extremely busy on his own projects (not to mention, i have a lot of other projects in my own queue that i would like him to work on.) but i promise it will eventually be created. it’ll just be a while longer.  in the meantime, facebook will have to do. (even though it’s imperfect. apologies in advance that it parses apostrophes and ampersands strangely in the feedburner posts)  alternatively, if you have a twitter account, yep, you guessed it.

i might as well also mention that there’s a spinoff “sister” project dedicated to those 50% off daily deal things on twitter called vegan deals.  (unfortunately, due to twitter’s incompatibility with feedburner, i couldn’t set up a digest/newsletter thing directly from twitter’s source, so if you want an e-mail digest of the daily deals, stream spigot’s daily digest is pulled at midnight GMT (appx 8:00PM EST) so it’s not ideal, but it’s the best option so-far.  here is the feedburner link for that in case you want to get e-mails. (and if i find a way that works better, i’ll update the feedburner account, and just like the vegancoupons feedburner, you’ll get the updated source without doing anything yourself.)  timing is key for this, as sometimes daily deals last for only 1 day. so you’ll have to act quick if you want it. if you know of an alternative solution that would be able to send the digest around 2:00 EST, please let me know.  other than switching away from twitter, that is.  it’s just the easiest method for me.  eventually when has been built, i might manually type up each day’s daily deals in one post every day, but we’ll see about that.)

so, in conclusion, this wordpress blog will remain as a “news about vegan coupons” type of thing, and possibly host an occasional giveaway, because running giveaways on facebook is frustrating. but we’ll see about that.

also, i see in the incoming search section some of you are coming by this page while looking for perry, the vegan couponer who was featured on TLC’s extreme couponing. not me!  her page is

i am definitely not an extreme couponer. haha!  i am carrie, AKA supercarrot, and i am more of a lazy couponer. i am mostly organized, sometimes, but i rarely save more than 25% off my bill, and often forget to use my catalinas. nice to meet you. :-)


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