Best Stores

If you know of any stores in your area that have a good selection of vegan goods and/or doubles and accepts e-coupons (also, please list stores which do not accept e-coupons at all)

particularly let us know if any store near you doubles above .99. (and tell us the location. those places are diamonds in the rough.)

Doubles above.99 (ex: 1.25 coupon + 1.25 from the store):

Kroger (Howell, MI)

Doubles up to .99 (ex: .75 coupon + .75 from the store):

SuperFresh, Pathmark, Genuardi’s

Adds value to the coupon to make the total discount $1 (ex: .75 coupon + .25 from the store):

ACME, Shaw’s, ShopRite

Occasionally has events where they double up to $2 coupons!:

K-mart (but the natural/vegan selection is quite thin)



Here’s a good list of state-by state coupon policies.


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