Giveaway – Lightlife Coupons

Comment here telling us what your favorite Lightlife item is, (and maybe your favorite way to prepare and serve it) and next Sunday (the 14th) I will pick 5 people at random to receive a pack of 2 of each coupon ($1 off of any product and $1.50 off of 2 dogs)

lightlife coupons

numbers generated by

14: tracie
17: jenna z
16: megan (sistersvegan)
8: Christy
7: kris

congrats, guys!  :-)  contacting you now for your addresses.


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19 responses to “Giveaway – Lightlife Coupons

  1. Hey suppercarrot!

    Great blog idea! Hard question, its honestly a toss up between the smart bacon for tasty blts or chunky vegan bacon bits for vcon’s Cesar salad OR the steak style strips for grilled fajitas or pepper-n-ste*k stirfry.

    Closely followed by the grounds which we use regularly for tacos, Shepard’s pies, me*t pies, sloppy janes, taco salad, nachos, beefing up chillies or for simple spaghetti sauce or ravioli filling.

  2. dag

    The veg hot dogs, for sure!

  3. I think my favorite is the Smart bacon. I like it just fried up alone or on a vegan BLT with vegenaise.

  4. Melissa

    I love the gimmie lean sausage. It’s wonderful in the mornings just fried up with some syrup. I also like to add it to various dishes.

  5. Abby

    I really like LightLife’s soy tempeh, especially crumbled up, made into mock chicken salad, and served in a pita.

  6. Doris

    Hey there!

    I love the Smart Ground veggie crumbles. It’s a great multi-purpose substitute for ground beef.

    Just the other day, I sauteed them in hazelnut oil which gave them an even meatier and heartier taste and combined them with some sauteed onions and garlic and some store bought marinara sauce from Whole Foods for a great meat sauce for pasta. Add a cup of sugar and you are good to go.

    Best. Pasta. Ever.

  7. kris

    the bacon & gimme lean sausage, most definitely. lifelight is the only vegan “meat” i’ve tried that i could just fry up & eat alone, without any flavor-masking decoration.

    my favorite breakfast is two vegan pancakes with a gimme lean sausage patty sandwiched between them. topped with smart balance & a wee bit of maple syrup! i also love crumbling it up & using it on pizza.

  8. Christy

    I like the tempeh best. Lately, my favorite way to prepare it has been the hot sauce-glazed tempeh out of Veganomicon.

  9. Meghan

    Probably the tempeh, because I like to convince myself that it is healthier than veggie dogs and the like. (Not that I don’t love veggie dogs!). My favorite recipe is probably the Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh from Veganomicon… I like to serve it with rice and the stuffed pepper recipe in Veganomicon.

  10. em

    i have to say the smart bbq. i hated regular bbq, but this stuff has pulled me in. and how easy to prepare is it? heat, slap on bread and enjoy.

    second place goes to the smart sausages chorizo style. i can make garbanzos, like i was made in spain [chorizo with garbanzos, potatoes, carrots, and pepper] or macarones [chorizo and small pasta] or toss in some kale and white beans for a tasty treat.

  11. Megan

    My favorite would have to be the gimme lean sausage. I love using it for egg mcvegans and adding a little red chili flake just to eat along with waffles or pancakes.

  12. Meghan

    Hey! Christy and I are favorite-twins!

  13. My favorite tempeh dish ia tempeh fajitas… I embellished on the recipe on the package. It’s tempeh marinated in lime juice and garlic, then browned in a pan with a little Braggs. I also sautee some onions and green peppers on the side and then wrap them in Ezekiel tortillas with some avocado and salsa. Yum!

  14. Another Meghan

    I love the tempeh. I usually just chop it into cubes, let it sit in a mixture of olive oil and Italian spices and stuff for a while, then pop it into the oven on a baking sheet. Easy. =)

  15. I love the lightlife bacon. I love my BLT’s with some vegenaise :)

  16. Jess

    It’s a tie between smart bacon and the pepperoni. I usually have the bacon with pancakes/waffles and then hashbrowns with peppers, onions, and some FYH cheddar. The pepperoni I use on pizza, pretty standard. I never liked the meaty variety but love the lightlife kind.

  17. The italian style sausages! Grill em up, put em on a bun with grilled onions and peppers! YUM!

  18. Jackie

    The Gimme Lean Italian Sausage is my favorite! I like to make biscuits and gravy and put the patty on it and mow down!

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