Sunday papers vs veganism

The inserts in the sunday papers are generally not very vegan.  (Occasionally there’s a good find, but generally it’s a waste of paper and time.)  That said, you can look at schedules and previews to judge whether or not you should bother getting the paper.  For example, around earth day, the papers had an extra insert from smart source that had a theme of “green” (It honestly wasn’t very green.  maybe only 1/2 of the coupons could be considered green, and then there were other random not necessarily environmental coupons thrown in there.)

The forums at A Full Cup have a section where you can see the schedule of how many inserts will be in each sunday paper. (obviously it’s pointless to get the paper if there will be no inserts) In addition, many vegans avoid buying Proctor & Gamble products on principle, so that cuts out an entire insert from our options.  Luckily they don’t provide inserts every week.

Also convenient for us is to look at the coupon preview sites to see if it’d be worth it to buy the paper at all.  Sunday papers aren’t cheap (particularly those from large metropolitan areas) and if you can only use a few coupons from each paper, what’s the point, right?  These enthusiasts/sellers make lists of the coupons that are going to be in their area papers.   I haven’t found any coupon preview sites for the west coast, unfortunately.

Coupon Preview Sites:

An alternative to buying the paper:

So, you know how we generally can’t use most of the coupons that are in the inserts anyway, right?  Well, why not just buy them from other people who are more avid coupon clippers than we’ll ever be?  That way we can just buy what we need. Seems like the more environmental choice, since all the coupons have the potential to be used. (and I’m sure these sites don’t have to buy thousands of sunday papers.  Maybe they get the leftovers.)

  • – 10-20% of the value of the coupon, .50 admin fee + shipping (50 coupons usually will be heavy enough for .61 postage.) many coupons have a minimum order, so that’s kind-of annoying.  But if you plan on buying that many anyway, it’s worth it.  Larger variety than Cents Off.
  • – $7.50 1-time membership fee, and then $8 per order of 50 coupons (works out to be .16 per coupon not including the membership fee.
  • – They have a trading system set up instead of purchasing, which might be good if you sill plan on buying the paper

very useful online coupon review


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