Welcome to the vegan coupon blog.  I realised there is no resource out there compiling specifically vegan coupons (but plenty of organic ones), and I figured if I’m looking all over the internets, I might as well keep a list of the ones I find, and publish that list for other vegans to utilize.

I decided to start off with  PDFs because there is no printing limit on them, and you don’t need to install special software that might add spyware on your computer.  (more on that later though)

Because I know you, as well as I, want to save paper and ink, (if not for the money, for the earth.) I feel compelled to suggest that you download these PDFs to your computer and compile them to a single sheet of paper instead of printing directly.  (i could never figure out how to do greyscale in my browser’s PDF printer. i tried “print colors as black” and it printed the images as huge black blobs.)  so if you have InDesign or Quark, this’ll go really quick.  the coupons that were meant to be printed in a booklet can fit 9 to a page (3 columns of 3 with no need to print the opposite side of the sheet since you’d be throwing it away anyway.  waste not want not.)  unfortunately i don’t think i’m allowed to upload my PDF compilations.  I would totally do it if I knew it wouldn’t get me in trouble with the law.

If you have neither of the above programs, I don’t know what you could use to compile PDFs with (if you have tips, please leave a comment so the other folks can check it out.  If you want to try some out yourself, go to download.com and search for freeware that lets you edit the graphics in the PDFs, not just adding and removing pages.)

However, I do feel the need to point out that some stores don’t accept printed PDFs, so check before you get to the checkout counter, and before you print a load of them off.  Just print a few, and if they accept them then you can print more.

First up, Delicious Living magazine. P.S.  DND=Do Not Double

• RW Knudsen (75¢/1 DND  exp. 12/31) • Steaz Organic Drinks ($1/1 DND no exp) • Santa Cruz Organic Juice(75¢/1 DND  exp. 12/31) • Back to Nature ($1/1 exp 12/31) • Popcorn, Indiana (50¢/1 DND exp 6/30) • Lundberg Rice Chip (75¢/1 no exp)• Health Valley Organic ($1/2 DND exp 12/31) • Imagine Natural Creations ($1/1 DND exp 8/31) • Lundberg Gourmet Products (55¢/1 no exp)

i don’t know whether these are vegan or not:
• Zenergize Drink Vitamins ($1/1 no exp)

Wholly Guacamole ($1/1 exp 6/1.  this prints out huge if you’re printing directly, so definitely compile it to a single page.)

Nakano Rice Vinegar ($1/1 DND exp 6/1)

Village Harvest Rice (50¢ /1 exp 12/31)

Natural Dentist #1 #2 (both $2/1 DND Exp 5/31)

SmartMouth toothpaste or mouthwash (not positive if it’s vegan or not, but it’s a PDF.  I’ll remove it later if they’re not vegan.  $2/1 exp  21/31)

ScotchBrite Nail Saver Sponge ($1/3 exp 6/30)

Nylabone ($2/1 exp 12/31)  sable’s mom contacted them about which ones are vegan and which ones are not.

Happy Family Organic Meals ($1/1 exp 6/30)  Store Locator

Rite Aid ($5 off of $25  exp 5/31)  (combine this with the natural dentist coupons. :-)

Wildwood products (various coupons.  soymilk, hummus, sproutofu and burgers.  expire 3/23/10)



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2 responses to “PDFs

  1. naturalapplemom

    Hey, I LOVE your blog!!! I am a deal-hunter, but I have a really hard time finding coupons for things I actually buy. I usually go to the websites of Silk and Tofutti and other brands and look to see if they have any coupons, so this will be a real timesaver! I am going to link to you on my blog. Thanks for the info!!

  2. Hi! I understand the desire to save paper, but you are not allowed to cut and paste or change the layout of the coupon–meaning you can’t make them more than one per page if that’s not their original form. This is how many, many once legitimate coupons end up on the counterfeit list that is now banned by all stores. The manufacturer considers it altering the original form of the coupon, which violates trademarks and copyright laws. Even though its meant to save paper, they don’t allow it. Since they can’t tell the difference between the ‘altered’ coupons and the legitimate ones, they simply ban all of them.

    To save paper legitimately, simply rotate the paper and print again on the other blank side.

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